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Apr 24 2014

On The Road – Issue 3

Congratulations to Patrick Larobina for winning our On the Road title for our third issue!

For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

1.       Car Purchased?
2.       Why did you chose that car?
3.       What was your first car?
4.       What is your Dream Car?
5.       What is the worst car you have ever driven?
6.       Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

We go through all the responses and choose the best response.

The selected contributor receives a prize of a Car Care Kit valued at $140!

Car Care Kit
Car Care Kit

Here’s what Patrick wrote:

1. Car Purchased?
MY14 Holden Cruze SRI-V Hatchback

2.Why did you choose that car?
Features, affordability and turbo!

3.What was your first car?
1969 Ford Capri GT

4. What is your Dream Car?
FJ Holden

5. What is the worst car you have ever driven?
Sigma sedan

6. Most embarrassing moment in a Car?
When the glue holding the roof lining of the Sigma “melted” and the roof lining fell on to me and my wife on the M4 at 90 Kms/per hour

Share your car story with us by sending a picture of you next to your car along with answers to the  questions to