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Jan 30 2014

Summer Car Care

Everyone knows Australia’s summers can make it very tempting to jump into your car to enjoy a holiday, but it is a good idea to adopt a safety first approach to avoid breakdowns and car problems, especially during heatwaves that the country has been experiencing lately. That means taking a few moments to consider the best ways you can to take care of your car for summer.

Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Summers in Australia can be hot and extreme and you need to prepare your engine for the heat by making sure you have the correct levels of coolant in your radiator and that your oil levels are up to the mark.
  • The cooling system works harder during hot temperatures to prevent overheating of the engine. To keep the cooling system working effectively, the coolant and distilled water mixture for a vehicle’s radiator should be 50:50.
  • Check all the fluids in your vehicle including transmission and brake fluids so that every part of your engine is well lubricated and protected against overheating.
  • Excessive heat and overcharging can actually shorten the life of a battery. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal structure of the battery. To get the most life out of a battery, have the electrical system checked to make sure it is charging at the correct rate. Keep the top of the battery clean.
  • Make sure all your hoses are in good order and have no cracks and obvious wear. They should also be tightened.
  • Check your tyres for signs of wear and replace them if needed. You can add life to your tyres by  always ensuring they are inflated to the recommended pressure levels. Don’t forget the spare tyre too!
  • One of the most important tips is to check your brake system. If your brakes feel soft, or the brake pedal rests too high or too low, visit your car mechanic as soon as possible and have your brakes serviced and the brake pads replaced.