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Dec 11 2013

On the Road

Congratulations to Mal Wade for winning our On the Road title for December 2013!

For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

1.       Car Purchased?
2.       Why did you chose that car?
3.       What was your first car?
4.       What is your Dream Car?
5.       What is the worst car you have ever driven?
6.       Most embarrassing moment in a Car?

We go through all the responses and choose the best response.

The selected contributor receives a prize of a Car Care Kit valued at $140!

Car Care Kit

Car Care Kit

Here’s what Mal wrote:

1. Car Purchased?
Honda Accord Euro – all the mod-cons and by far the best purchase I’ve made (apol’s to Holden Commodore ‘SS’….wow the power but you cost me 50K in 3yrs….

2.Why did you choose that car?
For 40K on the road I couldn’t believe the features that were included in the Accord Euro – Nav, Reversing Cam, CD stacker, Sun roof, Alloy wheels, Seat warmers (for the girlfriend) crazy auto headlights that turn when you turn and even headlight washers!!!!

Honda Accord Euro

Honda Accord Euro

3.What was your first car?
Datson ‘SSS’ Stanza with built in sway bars – it’s a mystery how I survived owning this vehicle growing up on ‘perfect rally’ dirt roads!!

Mal's first car: Datson ‘SSS’ Stanza

Mal’s first car: Datson ‘SSS’ Stanza

4. What is your Dream Car?
Buggati Veyron for sure!!!  I’m close to putting down a deposit on one and I reckon I can talk them down to 8 million flat!!!

Mal's dream car: Buggati Veyron

Mal’s dream car: Buggati Veyron

5. What is the worst car you have ever driven?
Careful Cobber driving training centre in Shepparton gave me this experience – top speed was 5km’s as hour!!! (I was only 10 I guess…)

Mal's worst car: Careful Cobber

Mal’s worst car: Careful Cobber

6. Most embarrassing moment in a Car?
This is easy and clearly the reason I’m not a teacher.  I had just finished training my Brazilian girlfriend on the finer points of driving in Australia and during the debrief on the way home I missed the speed limit change from 80k’s to 60k’s.  For the record I don’t think the officer believed my story but it was true!!!!

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

Congratulations again Mal!