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Dec 9 2013

Accessories: Factory vs After-market

On most occasions, when you go into to buy a car, you find that you end up “spec-ing” the car with a number of options.

Unfortunately you find that most options purchased are a greater contributor to the drop in depreciation that the base car itself.

In other words, not many buyers of 2nd hand cars are going to pay you more because your car has mud flaps or head lamp protectors!

However, for whatever reason, most people like to personalise their car. So we thought it would be interesting to look at a sample of common accessories fitted to compare the price of “Factory” options versus “After-market” options to see what is the most cost effective way of paying for them and hence minimise the impact on your resale value / depreciation.

It is worth noting that though many options are specified as “Factory” options, very rarely they are fitted at the Factory nor are they made by the manufacturer!

We look at 2 popular cars that we supply through a Novated Lease and sourced the prices specified on the Manufacturer’s website and then compared against that great new After-market shops eBay and Google.

We endeavoured to compare “like for like” where possible.



Holden Cruze

Ford Territory





Tow bar (fitted)





Mud Flaps





Floor Mats



Roof Racks





Head Lamp Protectors











So you can see that the after-market option were at least 25% less in total, however what was interesting was that the after-market price for Head Lamp Protectors for the Holden Cruze were 60% more for the after-market option!

So when you look at “ticking the boxes” when you buy the car, it is wise to consider that no one will pay you for them when it comes to selling the car.