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Sep 12 2013

Cars Dealers heavily discounting to kick start New Car Sales after FBT Mess

Car Dealers suffered massive declines in New Car Sales as a result of the Car FBT confusion. Many of them have huge stock build ups that need to be cleared. Car Manufacturers are now launching advertsing campaigns promoting huge discounts. Because Labor did not win the Federal Election, the Car FBT did NOT change, so now there is tremendous opportunities to Salary Package (Novated Lease) a New Car and receive HUGE savings on the purchase. Click Here to download our Car Novated Lease Apps to see how much you can SAVE. On this note, Remunerator has sourced Great Savings on 2 of the most popular cars that are Salary Packaged. Ford Territory TS Auto RWD Diesel Holden Cruze 2.0L Auto TD Diesel To get pricing and availability contact Remunerator: Email: