Remunerator News

Aug 16 2013

Shadow Minister for Industry meets with Remunerator to discuss Labor’s FBT Changes

Remunerator have been actively apposing the changes to FBT on Cars proposed by the Labor Government. Remunerator, together with the Industry Association ASPIA, have been actively seeking to engage with both sides of politics to explain the impact of this proposal. Unfortunately, the Labor Government has been emphatic in its position that this change will go ahead under a Labor Government despite the objections from the broad economy from organisations including the Charities and Health Sectors. Remunerator’s MD, Matthew Honan, has personally met with Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb and Sophie Mirabella to discuss these changes and the impact on the broader economy. Tony Abbott has pledged that this change will not go ahead under a Coalition Government if elected on 7th September 2013 after easily recognising the impact this change will have on significant parts of the economy. The Shadow Spokesperson for Industry, Sophie Mirabella, then came to the offices of Remunerator to meet with us to learn further about its impact.