Remunerator News

Aug 29 2013

Remunerator launches “No Fat Cats” Media Campaign

Remunerator launches in response to Car FBT Changes proposed by the Labor Government. Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese justified the FBT changes on cars saying “people were fiddling the system by buying expensive luxury cars” and “chances are it’s not a Holden Commodore, it’s a BMW”. This outraged many of Remunerator’s Customers as they claimed that they were just normal aspirational people working hard, paying their fair share of taxes and trying to get ahead in life. This inspired Remunerator to revive their dormant Facebook page to enable their Customers to express their views about this Car FBT change proposed by the Labor Government. Remunerator started a “Photo Petition” called “I am not a Fat Cat” where people could send in a photo of their car and any comments they would like to post with it. Comments ranged from; “I am a single parent working hard to provide for my family and the only chance I have to own a new car that is safe and economical to drive for my family is to novate it. Labour has lost my support for the first time in my life.” – Janelle to This Government would much rather we drive around in old bombs as opposed to driving newer cars on our roads… the general public would not be able to afford buying newer cars hence Car Manufacturer’s & Car Dealerships would close down which is exactly what Ford Australia will be doing in 2016. What a sad day for Australia !!!!” – Tim Needless to say the Facebook site tapped on a nerve with Customers and a tremendous amount of photos have been sent in and a constant feed of postings, likes and sharing of the site. A snapshot of these photos have been posted on the Facebook site. In just 2 weeks, Remunerator’s reach on their Facebook site has grown from zero to in excess of 200,000 Facebook users and continues to grow. The negative comments have been minimal with only about 10 users posting comments supporting the proposed changes compared with thousands of users against the proposed change. With this momentum, Remunerator has launched a website dedicated to this issue named  together with an internet based advertising campaign to raise the awareness of how this Car FBT change proposed by Labor will affect normal working Australians. Remunerator is also focussing on the message of the opportunity for people to: Save Money and Save Jobs, Novate Lease an Australian Made Car. Remunerator has been operating in the Salary Packaging & Novated Lease Industry for more than 20 years and considered one of the Pioneers of the Industry and over this time managing more than 150,000 individual employees and more than 17,000 Novated Leases.