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  1. Jul 1 2021

    5 Advantages To Novating A Used Car

    A used car is a great way to buy your dream car at an
    affordable price! Sometimes buying a used car is more economical and beneficial
    than buying a new car.

    You Can Buy More Car For Less

    Used cars are cheaper than new cars.

  2. Jun 15 2021

    How To Novate A Used Car

    A common misconception of a novated
    lease is the belief that the car financed must be new.

    In fact, one of our most frequently
    asked questions is “Can I get a novated lease on a used car?”

    Yes, you can!

    Novated leasing with Remunerator is the most affordable way to get your new car.

  3. May 31 2021

    What Happens at The End of My Novated Lease?

    What happens at the end of my novated lease?

    Are you wondering
    ‘what happens now?’ when your lease comes to an end?

    You are not
    alone in this train of thought, and our novated leasing specialists are here to
    guide you through your options as smoothly as possible when your lease term is

  4. May 31 2021

    The Top 3 Most Sustainable Cars in 2021

    The top 3 most sustainable cars in 2021

    It comes as
    no surprise that the top 3 most sustainable cars in 2021 are all electric
    vehicles. Sustainability has become a driving force when researching and
    developing new vehicles.

    This is
    mainly due to changing consumer behaviors and lifestyle practices to adopt more
    sustainable habits.

  5. May 31 2021

    Top 4 Tips to Find Your New Car This EOFY

    Top 4 tips to find your new car this EOFY

    the end of the financial year (EOFY) is the best time of year to buy your new
    car. Dealers and manufacturers are desperate to clear their dealership floors
    to hit their yearly target and are willing to let cars go at a seriously
    discounted price to do so.

  6. Apr 20 2021

    What the New Dealership Fixed Pricing Model Means for You

    car brands including Mercedes Benz, Honda, and Subaru, have announced that they
    are introducing a new car pricing model, fixed pricing, across their
    dealerships. This pricing model is already seen across Tesla dealerships, where
    a non-negotiable price is advertised on their website and within dealerships.

    What is
    fixed pricing?

  7. Apr 20 2021

    Top 5 Safety Features Your New Car Needs

    Safety is a
    top priority of nearly every driver on the road. Car manufacturers are
    constantly coming out with new innovative safety features that help improve
    your driving experience. We have listed our top five safety features that you
    need in your new car.

    Blind Spot Monitoring

    Blind Spot Monitoring

    Blind spot monitoring is being offered across the market and
    a standard option in many luxury vehicles.

  8. Apr 20 2021

    Top 7 Biggest Car Flops of All Time

    With the
    millions, sometimes billions, automakers put into research and development, you
    would think it would be near impossible for cars to fail. But it happens and we
    have found the top 7 biggest car flops in automotive history.

    DeLorean DMC-12


    While it is
    a pop-culture icon thanks to Back to the Future,

  9. Mar 23 2021

    The Driving Forces Behind the Australian Car Market Boom!

    Toyota Hilux in desert

    saw a fourth consecutive month of growth in new car sales, with a total of 83,977
    new motor vehicles sold.

    That is a 5.1% increase despite the ongoing stock shortages
    Australia is experiencing due to the production delays directly linked to the

    Tony Weber,

  10. Mar 23 2021

    Top 6 Common Novated Leasing Myths Debunked

    shocked face pointing to text "top 6 novated leasing myths debunked"

    Novated Leasing programs are proven to boost business, culture and staff morale.

    However, there are misconceptions around novated leases that may affect your understanding of how novated leasing works. Read on to find out what they are!

    When it comes to novated leasing questions,