Remunerator News

  1. Feb 5 2020

    Your Last Chance to Novate an Infiniti

    Infiniti is officially leaving the
    Australian market some time late this year. Nissan’s premium arm leaving our
    shores comes as little shock after their announcement to leave the European
    market early last year. The brand has decided to instead focus on their two
    strongest markets in the US and China.

  2. Jan 21 2020

    Employers Now Banned from Using Salary Sacrifice Payments to Meet SG Obligations

    As of January 1, this year, employers are required to
    provide superannuation guarantee (SG) support on the amount of employee salary
    sacrificed contributions under salary sacrifice arrangements (SSA). That is, if
    you make super contributions for your employee under an effective salary
    sacrifice arrangement you must now calculate your super guarantee obligation
    based on your employee’s ordinary time earnings base;

  3. Jan 21 2020

    Our Advice to Novating a Used Car

    Buying a used car is a fantastic way to buy your dream car
    at an affordable price. However, before you get to drive away in your ‘new’
    car, every buyer and seller need to perform some sort of negotiation. But don’t
    fear, we have some helpful tips for you when purchasing your ‘new’ car.

  4. Jan 21 2020

    The Great Debate: Electric Vs Petrol

    Tesla image source

    It’s clear that the future of a big part the motoring public
    will be using electric power in some form.

    With the concept of it being cheaper to run and better for
    the environment… great sign us up!

  5. Jan 9 2020

    Bush Fire Safety While Driving

    The fires terrorising our country are showing no signs of relenting any time soon. The effects of these fires can even be seen from Remunerator’s head office, that is currently covered in clouds of ash and smoke. While it is the height of fire season,

  6. Jan 7 2020

    Remunerator’s Support to Australia in Crisis

    It is absolutely devastating seeing the fires terrorising our beautiful country. We are at the heart of a natural disaster and in need of all the support we can get. It’s times like these when we realise the importance of standing together and supporting one another.

  7. Dec 23 2019

    50 Years of Safety in Your Novated Lease Car

    Over the past 50 years, safety in cars has improved significantly.

    As a priority for many new car buyers, car brands often compete against one another and ensure all the latest safety tech is included in their models for a 5-star ANCAP rating.

  8. Dec 10 2019

    When Is It Time To Buy a New Car?

    There’s a common belief that the longer you keep your car on
    the road, the more you save. You’ll also often find dealerships telling you
    that the longer you put off buying you new car, the less you’ll get for it when
    its up for sale. Resulting in you having to borrow more to bridge the gap
    between the money you get for the sale and the money you pay for the new car.

  9. Dec 10 2019

    What Car Accessories Help and Hurt Novated Leases Value

    There was once a time when ‘spec-ing’ up your car was
    simple. Where extra value and comfort meant opting for an automatic transition,
    cruise control, air-conditioning or power steering and brakes. Most of these
    options are now standard, however, car buyers today are faced with a huge
    selection of aftermarket accessories making it confusing to navigate what you
    should include.

  10. Dec 10 2019

    Novated Leases Launching in 2020 We’re Most Excited About

    Aston Martin DBX

    Image Sourced at

    As the brands first attempt at a luxury SUV, there is much
    excitement surrounding the launch. The car maker hasn’t compromised on any
    aspects, stating that the DBX is still an Aston at heart.