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Mar 25 2020

Save On Tax While Working From Home

As many offices are closing, we’re witnessing a working from home revolution. Many people are left with expenses required to make their home offices fit for work.

We can help you save on these new working from home expenses!

Did you know you can include some expenses associated with your new working from home situation in your salary package if it is primarily for use in your employment and forms part of your employer’s salary packaging policy. You may not have to pay GST for these benefits!

Click here to salary package your working from home expenses.

Some working from home expenses you can save on include:

Apply here to save on any of the items listed above.

Talk to our salary packaging specialists today to learn how you can save while working from home!

Also you can talk to us about options available for your Car.

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The information provided in this article is based upon Remunerator’s interpretation of the relevant tax laws as at March 2020 and should only be used for information purposes and is not a substitute for professional tax or legal advice.