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Mar 25 2020

How To Keep Your Novated Lease Hygienic

Hygiene is essential right now to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It’s also incredibly important to keep your car clean during this time too, to protect yourself and your family. If you’re in the market for a new car, dealerships are still open and operating, it’s important to ensure you clean down these cars too. Here are some hygiene measures that you should take before you get into your car or a car you test drive.

  1. Avoid public transport unless it is necessary. Opt to travel in your car where you can.
  2. Clean your vehicle with alcohol-based disinfectant or wipes before you enter the car. (Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach). Wear plastic gloves when wiping down the car interior.
  3. Key areas to wipe down include: Key fob, steering wheel, transmitter shifter, door handles, volume knob, heating controls, other buttons in the centre console, window control buttons, indicator and any other regularly used buttons/touchpoints.
  4. Practice social distancing in the car. Only drive immediate family members that live in the same household and sit apart from one another where possible.
  5. Bonus: Clean the exterior of your car (at home) and focus on common touchpoints such as the door handles and boot.

It is also important to keep plastic gloves and disinfectant in the car. These will keep you safer when completing essential outside the home tasks such as supermarket shopping, visiting the bank, etc…

Here are some great products to keep in your car:

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Please stay safe and take these hygiene measures seriously.