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Oct 15 2019

What to Consider When Choosing Your Novated Lease

Deciding on your new car can be difficult at best. Remunerator have made the process easier by listing the most important questions to ask yourself when car shopping.

Is your car practical?

You must think practically! Consider your family and its size. Though you might be dreaming of a sports car or coupe, that isn’t practical for your growing family. Cargo space and seating are good starting places, do you need quite a bit of room? Consider all your options from the large SUV to the small sedan.

What’s the safety like?

You want your family to be as safe as they can be, therefore, a 5-star ANCAP rating is essential. Some essential safety features include electronic stability control (ESC) which helps maintain control of the car when avoiding hazards, curtain airbags for side head protection, and auto-emergency braking (AEB) which avoids or reduces the severity of rear end crashes.

What’s your cars lifestyle?

Consider what you use your car for, if you’re only using it for the school run or driving around the city then maybe a medium SUV is for you.

How’s the fuel efficiency?

Cars are expensive to buy and run, but some are more affordable than others. Buying a fuel-efficient car will see you making countless of savings not only at the fuel pump but also in your novated lease fortnightly payments!

Should you consider a novated lease?

The most important question you should ask yourself once you’ve decided on a car is ‘can I afford this?’ By having a novated lease with Remunerator, we make your dream car more affordable by bundling all your vehicles running costs into one simple fortnightly payment. Through Remunerator’s car procurement service, we can source your dream car for you at competitive pricing, saving you even more!

Have you taken the car for a test drive?

It’s always important to try before you buy. Test driving your car – with the kids – gives you an idea as to if the car is really the best for your family.

Happy Shopping!