Remunerator News

Sep 25 2017

Introducing our new Remunerator Fuel Card!

Remunerator is always looking to improve our services and find more competitive and efficient solutions to offer our drivers. As a result, we are very excited to introduce our new Remunerator Fuel Card, in partnership with Fleet Card. For existing Motorpass card holders, this change means your current card will be replaced in October and November this year.

Why the change?

It’s simple. The new Remunerator Fuel Card offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Better savings – a lower monthly fee than your current fee and a ‘no surcharge guarantee’ at any Shell/Coles Express fuel sites across Australia.
  • The Remunerator Fuel Card is accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across Australia.
  • An extensive non-fuel partner network to easily source your servicing, tyres, parts, glass and more.
  • Simple to read monthly statements to help you track and monitor your spending.

Who is Fleet Card and where can I use the Remunerator Fuel Card?

Remunerator have partnered with Fleet Card to provide you with the Remunerator Fuel Card. Fleet Card is one of Australia’s leading multi-branded fuel cards accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across Australia.  The Remunerator Fuel Card is linked to your novated lease package and is a payment card you can use to purchase fuel and oil and vehicle related services. You can use your Fuel Card to fill up at

places such as Shell, Coles Express, Woolworths, BP, Caltex, Mobil, 7-Eleven, Liberty, and United. Non-fuel partners include KMart Tyre and Auto-Service, O’Brien Autoglass, Tyrepower, Beaurepaires, Bridgestone, Marshall Batteries and many more. For further information about Fleet Card and where you can use your new Remunerator Fuel Card please visit

How do I get my new Remunerator Fuel Card?

Fleet Card will contact you via phone from mid-September to confirm your details and get your new Remunerator Fuel Card out to you. Alternatively, you can call Fleet Card on 1300 307 159, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST to confirm your details – this process only takes a few minutes.

When will I be able to use my new Remunerator Fuel Card?

As soon as you confirm your details with Fleet Card (by accepting their phone calls or contacting them on 1300 307 159) your new fuel card will be sent to your nominated postal address. No card activation required!

What are the key differences?

The new Remunerator Fuel Card has a guaranteed lower fee than your current multi-branded fuel card and is widely accepted at fuel sites and vehicle related service partners across Australia.

Does it matter which fuel site I use?

If you use your fuel card at Shell/Coles Express, Fleet Card can guarantee there are no merchant surcharges and you can show your Flybuys card to earn points. Where possible avoid sites which may charge a merchant surcharge.

Can I use Shop A Docket discounts?

While Coles Shop A Docket cannot be used in conjunction with the Remunerator Fuel Card, you may use Woolworths Shop A Docket in line with Woolworths Petrol Terms and Conditions.

What do I do with my current Motorpass Card?

Your current Motorpass card will no longer be supported by Remunerator after 31 October 2017. At this time, the card will be deactivated and should be disposed of. Remunerator will pay your final bill to Motorpass in November using available funds within your package.

I have excess funds on my Motorpass Card. What will happen with these funds?

Once your Motorpass Card has been terminated, any excess funds on your Motorpass cards will be refunded to Remunerator by Motorpass and paid into your package and will become funds available for you to use.

Do I have any other options available to me?

Your Motorpass card through Remunerator will be terminated as at 31 October 2017. If you want the benefit of using your pre-tax dollars to pay for your fuel and vehicle repairs, without the hassle of having to submit reimbursement claims, Remunerator recommends you use the new Remunerator Fuel Card. Please note the fees will be lower and the new card is accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across Australia.

Want further detail?

If you have questions regarding the transition, please contact Remunerator on 1300 654 834 or – we want all your questions answered and are here to help!