Remunerator News

Jul 27 2016

Those post EOFY blues.

So think you have missed out on the End of Financial Year sales? Never fear! Remunerator is here! Ha, corny.

We want to prevent you from sinking back into that cyclical depression triggered only by missing out on those mid-year sales. We’re here to assure you that every day is a good day to buy your new car through Remunerator! We’ve even constructed a bullet point list to help demonstrate how (see below):

  • Our procurement service will source you the best price.
  • No GST to pay on the purchase price of your new car and its running costs.
  • Running costs are funded from your pre-tax salary.
  • Set salary deductions make it easy to manage to manage your car budget.
  • You get to choose how long you want to keep the vehicle for! If your personal circumstances change, we can adjust your Novated Lease arrangement to best suit you.
  • We treat you like you’re our only customer. Our consultants are almost overqualified!
  • Choose the car you want! We won’t force you drive a rectangle with wheels, circa 1994.
  • As if we don’t love you enough, we’re willing to squeeze a few car accessories into your Novated Lease too.

Call your Remunerator representative on 1800 501 703 today. Let us counsel you through this tough time (and describe how a Novated Lease can help your employees save thousands).