Remunerator News

Jun 23 2016

Novated Leasing is Here to Stay

Election news, election updates! Novated Leasing is here to stay regardless of who wins the election come Saturday, July 2, 2016.

The Coalition Government has again confirmed their positive stance with regard to Novated Leasing.

In a letter to the National Automotive Leasing & Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA) dated May 5, 2016, opposition leader Bill Shorten stated that, “a Shorten Labor government will not implement any changes to the Statutory Formula Method relating to employer provided motor vehicles.” Further, Shorten described how, “Labor will retain the current arrangements in relation to all measures regarding salary packaging and related Fringe Benefit Tax measures.”

“Labor values the important economic contribution of your members and the many people in charities, hospitals, the community sector and corporations who use your services,” said Shorten.  

We congratulate Mr Shorten for releasing this statement.

Call your Remunerator representative on 1800 501 703 today. Let us show you how a Novated Lease can help you save thousands.