Remunerator News

Feb 23 2016

Salary Package Confirmation Reports

Over the last week, employees would have received an email and/or a SMS notifying them that their Salary Package Confirmation Report is now ready.

The Confirmation Report provides employees with information relating to their Salary Package benefits which will be effective as at 1 April 2016.

If they wish to amend any of their Salary Package and/or Novated Lease benefits for the new FBT year, they may do so by submitting an “April Amend Package form” online. The cut-off date for submission of the amendment form is 6 March 2016. This allows us enough time to process the changes in time for their first pay.

If as an employer your require your employees to forward their “April Amend Package Form” to your payroll department for approval prior to submission, they may download the form, print it, complete the changes and forward it to your payroll department.

When not to send through an “April Amend Package Form”

Employees are not required to submit an “April Amend Package Form” if their change is in relation to the new Meals & Entertainment and/or Venue & Accommodation Benefit, which will be known as an “Entertainment Benefit” as at 1/4/2016. If their current Meals & Entertainment and/or Venue & Accommodation Benefit exceeds the new cap of $2,550.00, their new budget for the 2016-2017 FBT year will automatically be amended to reflect a maximum of $2,550.00. They do not need to make any amendments to this budget.

How to access your Salary Package Confirmation Report

If employees did not receive an email and/or a SMS, it means that we do not have their contact details on our data base or alternatively, they have supressed emails at some stage by clicking ‘unsubscribe’.

They can still access their Salary Package Confirmation Report by logging into their Web Statements via the Remunerator website