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Nov 25 2015

Scratch ‘n’ Dent

Have your staff ever misjudged a car park or has someone misjudged their own parking skills and driven off, only to leave your employee with damage to their bumper bar?

Have you come into the office on a Monday morning with a colleague trying to explain how the kids decided to use their pencils as darts and damaged the leather car seat whilst on the way to their favourite camping ground?

Have you heard an employee telling the story that whilst on the freeway, behind a ute, their windscreen was chipped by the debris in the tray?

Of course you have…we all have!

In most cases, claiming through an insurance company to fix a scratch, scuff, dent, chip is not financially viable. Once we have taken into consideration the excess and any changes to our rating, chances are we won’t bother fixing it.

So … what’s the solution?

Our Scratch ‘n’ Dent membership is available over a 1,2,3,4 or 5 year term and will ensure that you or your employee is safe in the knowledge that a range of minor damage to the car’s panels, bumpers, interior trim, windscreen and wheels, can be repaired without the need to claim on comprehensive care insurance and without the need to pay for those insurance excess fees.

By purchasing Remunerator’s Scratch ‘n’ Dent membership, mobile repairs are at a fixed rate of $55.00, with unlimited repair visits for the term of the membership. The best thing about this is that these benefits can be novated (i.e. the membership fee at the beginning as well as the mobile repairs throughout the term of the membership), saving you or your employee even more money!


  • Vinyl, Leather & Fabric Seats
    • Cosmetic repair of a hole, scratch or a tear, provided the damage is no greater than 50mm in length and 5mm in width and not on the seam or stitching
  • Panel Surface Marks
    • Cosmetic repair and removal of surface marks covering 2 panels provided they haven’t cut through the clear coating of the surface
  • Side Mirror Casings
    • Repair of surface marks and scrapes, colour match and repaint of one side mirror casing
  • Dent Removal
    • Repair of up to 2 dents on a single panel, provided each dent is no larger than 100mm in diameter
  • Alloy Wheels / Hub Caps
    • Repair and repaint gutter scrapes and surface marks to an alloy wheel or up to two hubcaps
  • Bumper Bars
    • Repair, colour match and paint any surface marks, scuffs, scrapes or dents on any one bumper bar up to 40cm in length and 2cm in depth
  • Stone Chips
    • Cosmetic repair of up to 20 stone chips. Stone chips to a maximum size of 3mm each chip
  • Interior Trim & Dashboard (leather and vinyl surfaces only)
    • Cosmetic repair and re-colour of non-structural damage to the interior of the vehicle and damage caused by phone installation holes and scratches and worn leather trim provided damage is no longer than 50mm
  • Windscreens
    • Front windscreen stone chips are repairable under this membership. Up to 2 stone chips with a maximum diameter of 3mm are repairable per repair callout

 Also, all memberships include a free VIP Vehicle Maintenance Kit which contains a range of superior products all designed to help maintain the appearance of the car.


Do you or your employee want to find out more?


Call Remunerator on 1300 654 834, select Option 1 (Novated Leasing) to speak to one of our experienced Leasing Consultants. Alternatively, contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ link on our website and our Customer Service Team will be more than happy to respond to any queries that you may have.