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Oct 21 2015

World’s Most Dangerous Roads …. Quiz Answers

Now that you have completed the quiz….check your answers to see how many you got right!

Some of the roads featured are truly frightening and no, we won’t be test driving any of these roads, any time soon!

HOWEVER, if you have had the pleasure of visiting any of the below destinations and have a photo to share with us, please send it through to



1.Atlantic Road in Norway

2.“Friendship Highway” – Kakakoram Highway Pakistan-China

3.Dalton Highway in Alaska

4.Sichuan Tibet Highway in China

5.“Hell’s Gate” – Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand

6.“Highway to Hell” or “Highway of Death” – BR116 in Brazil

7.Road to the Himalayas – India to Tibet

8.“Road to Death” – Yungas Road in Brazil

9.“The road that doesn’t tolerate mistakes” – Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

10. “SS38” – Stelvio Pass in Italy