Remunerator News

Aug 21 2015

Introducing LIVE CHAT!

Earlier this year, Live Chat was launched via our new website for anyone who wanted to get in touch with us re an existing or new Novated Lease.

This month, we launched Live Chat for our customers who want to get in touch with us re their Salary Package.

Not familiar with Live Chat?

Live chat, which can also be known as online chat, integrated chat and proactive chat, is helpful for obtaining information and answers in ‘real time’ from a Customer Service Officer within in our Contact Service Centre between the hours of 9am and 5pm AEST. It provides live and immediate customer support and information without the need to call us or email us.

So next time you have a quick question you need answered regarding your Novated Lease or your Salary Package, why not Live Chat with us at your leisure.