Remunerator News

Jul 22 2015

Looking for a New Car?

Did you know that we have a vast network and over 20 years experience in purchasing new cars on behalf of our customers who take out a Novated Lease and Salary Package with us here at Remunerator?

We can save you $$$$

Here are some of the most common questions we receive:


Q: Am I restricted to buying through one of your suppliers?

A: No, you are not. You do have the option to source your own vehicle however, due to the national buying power we have at Remunerator, we can deliver your vehicle at the right price, every time.


Q: How does your service save me time?

A: We can arrange everything for you right up to and including deliver. You don’t even need to leave your desk. That’s time you can now spend doing whatever it is you love best!


Q: How much money can I save?

A: That all depends on the car you choose, your salary, the kms per year and the term of your lease. For example, if you were on a $65,000 salary, travelling 15,000kms per year with a 3 year lease, you could save up to $10,982 on a Jeep Cherokee, $8,054 on a Mazda3 or $8,276 on a Volkswagen Golf!


So, why wait. Contact our Novated Lease team and see how they can help you and your employees. Don’t forget that there are many benefits to both employers and employees that are gained by taking out a novated lease for a car and salary packaging.  Benefits include employees reducing their taxable income and employers saving on payroll tax. Visit to obtain more information on how we can save you $.