Remunerator News

Mar 11 2015

Salary Packaging in 2015

As this FBT year draws to a close on the 31st March, we now enter the final weeks for your Employees to take full advantage of their Salary Packaging benefits and Novated Lease for the current FBT year.

We are actively in contact with your staff providing them with reminders (as applicable to their benefits) on the following key points;

  1. Submission of claims for reimbursement
  2. Spending of funds on Salary Packaging Threshold Cards (if applicable)
  3. Providing odometer readings for Associate and Novated Lease by the 31st March 2015

We appreciate your support of these activities and may be in touch with you shortly to seek further assistance to ensure your employees take full advantage of Novated Lease and Salary Packaging in the current 2014-15 year.

Please also remind your staff that we have launched a new website and they may need to refresh their bookmarks when looking for specific forms and information.

Visit us at and see how easy it is to navigate!

What happens next?

The following FBT Reporting Suite will be issued to you in April (as applicable) detailing all Employees with a Novated Lease and Salary Packaging during the current FBT year;

  •         FBT Liability Report (PDF Format)

This report summarises any salary packaging liabilities incurred by employees.

  •         Motor Vehicle Summary Report (CSV File)

A report of Associate & Novated Lease particulars including Base Value, Odometer Readings, Days Held and FBT Value.

  •         Payment Summary Report (PDF Format)

List of Employees with Reportable FBT for you to include in End of Year payment summary reporting.

These reports are provided to facilitate the lodgement of your FBT Return to the ATO.

Please advise us of any changes to your contacts for issuing the FBT Reporting Suite as soon as possible so that we can ensure this is delivered to the right person.

You can also request further information or obtain a preliminary MV Summary Report by contacting the Service Team via