Remunerator News

Mar 30 2015

Novated Lease Odometer Readings

As the end of the FBT year closes, it is essential that your employees effectively manage their travel and ensure compliance of their Associate or Novated Lease.

We require final odometer readings by no later than midnight Tuesday the 31st March 2015. This is due to the timing of the Easter public holidays and to allow us to commence the FBT Reporting process on time.

Any odometer readings received after this cut off time will only be accepted in consultation with you and may require a statutory declaration.

Failure to enter any reading will result in the last known reading on our records being reported.

Please also remind your staff that we have launched a new website and they may need to refresh their bookmarks when looking for specific forms and information.

Visit us at and see how easy it is to navigate!

Detailed reporting of your employees Salary Packaging an Associate or Novated Lease will be provided as part of the FBT Reporting Suite.