Remunerator News

Feb 25 2015

Continuous Salary Packaging

Continuous Salary Packaging

We are pleased to again offer continuous salary packaging in 2015-16. This process is designed to minimise any disruption to your Employees who currently hold a novated lease and salary packaging as we cross FBT years.

With this aim, your April 2015 payfile will be sent to your payroll department and provide a complete listing of deduction amounts for all employees.

The payfile will show the Number of Deductions as ‘continuous’ unless the customer has specifically requested salary packaging to be administered over a specific number of pay cycles. A Reporting Date column will replace the Salary Package End Date.

Theoretical Payroll Method Clients

Please note that for our Clients using our ‘Theoretical Payroll Method’ the payfile is your notification to action the deductions outlined in the file and will replace the regular Confirmation Report release process that occurs throughout the year.