Remunerator News

Oct 7 2014

Going out for Dinner?

Why not use Salary Packaging for Meal Entertainment expenses. This is a Salary Packaging benefit available for eligible employees within Public Hospitals, Charities, and Medical Research Organisations that qualify for FBT exemptions and is on top of your General Expenses.

Meals Entertainment is defined as “providing entertainment by the way of food and drink”.   The expense can be incurred by the employee or spouse.

The below provides a comprehensive list of inclusions claimable on this benefit;

  • Eat-in Meals
  • Meals with Drinks
  • Weddings
  • Overseas meals
  • Catering of events
  • Online meal vouchers (Scoopon, Cudo etc)

The above are eligible if the following is included:

  • Tax invoices must contain Business name, ABN and total.
  • Meals/ Food are purchased from restaurants or eateries that have dining facilities.
  • Drinks are only allowable if food has been purchased and they are on the same tax invoice.
  • Catering of events if provided by an outsourced professional caterer.
  • Tax Invoices are in converted into Australian Dollars**
  • Online voucher for meals and drink only.

Take full advantage of this benefit by visiting the thousands of venues available in Australia and around the World**.

The following are excluded from the Meals Entertainment benefit;

  • Drinks/ Coffee only receipts
  • Grocery receipts
  • Packaged liquor
  • Self-catering of events
  • Movie, theatre and concert tickets
  • Entry and admission to Amusement parks, Shows and Races

This benefit is an exempt benefit, much like when Petrol and Maintenance is included in a Novated Lease!