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  1. Sep 19 2016

    Get into a Novated Lease using Remunerator’s new ‘Sell My Car’ program

    Remunerator can help you get the best deal when selling your car. Simply load up the details and pictures of the car and we’ll distribute it to our network of dealers and buyers and come back to you with the best price…for CASH!

    It’s easy as 1,2,3…

    1:        Fill out your contact details and information about your Car via the ‘Sell My Car’ link

    2:        Load up photos of the car and of the service books

    3:        We shall get back to you with a CASH offer (usually within 24 hours) and either Accept or Reject

    It is worth noting that sometimes the maximum selling price can be achieved through private sale.

  2. Aug 5 2016

    Tesla Model S: It’s a Review

    Thank you, Elon Musk. It is obvious that your intelligence is reflected into the design of your silent supercar, the Tesla Model S. Just by glancing at this totally futuristic and aerodynamic vehicle, you can calculate that it is birthed from computers and software.

    Okay, enough gushing over Elon Musk,

  3. Aug 5 2016

    BMW i3: Time for a Novated Lease?

    Ah, yes, the BMW i3… Those blue accents, LD lights, frunk (cough, front trunk)… So good looking… Has status… Anyway, back to reality, let’s talk about this car!

    Perhaps the most notable characteristic of the BMW is its styling. Admittedly, it is controversial in its appearance, but this is for a reason.

  4. Aug 5 2016

    Novated Leasing Puzzle: Guess the Concept Car


    Who doesn’t enjoy the odd puzzle? Hopefully not too many people reading this, I mean you are my target market after all! Ha, I love answering my own rhetorical questions. Okay, puzzle, let’s go!

    Answers below:
    1. BMW’s Vision Next 100!
  5. Jul 27 2016

    Meet the Team: Renee Genio

    Instead of writing yet another ‘Meet the Team’ piece, we thought we’d create an explainer vid! The Remunerator team is just that media-savvy!

  6. Feb 29 2016

    Make your dream holiday possible with a Novated Lease

    Remunerator now has 3 of your biggest dreams covered.

    You’ve chosen us for all your Salary Packaging / Mortgage Repayment requirements, your Novated Leasing needs, but what about that dream holiday you have always wanted?

    With a Remunerator Novated Lease you will save thousands of dollars and still be able to afford that dream holiday!

  7. Feb 29 2016

    On The Road – Edition 7

    Congratulations to Aaron on the purchase of his new BMW 320i.


    For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

    1.       Car purchased?
    2.       Why did you choose that car?

  8. Feb 29 2016

    Win big for driving sober

    Have you recently settled on a brand new vehicle with your Novated Lease? Are you ready to drive sober for cash?

    Last Christmas as part of a crackdown initiative by the UK Police, informants who shopped drink-drivers or suspected someone they knew of being over the limit while behind the wheel were offered 500 pounds.

  9. Feb 29 2016

    How safe is your vehicle?


    Ever wondered… How safe is my Novated Lease car? Have I made the right purchase?

    ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) safety rating is Australia’s leading and most reputable independent vehicle safety assessor.

    When you salary package a vehicle, make sure it is ANCAP rated.

  10. Jan 29 2016

    On The Road – Edition 6

    Congratulations to Jenna on the purchase of her new Audi A1 Sportback 1.6L TFSI.


    For each publication, we invite all our customers by sharing with us their car story by answering the following questions:

    1.       Car purchased?
    2.       Why did you choose that car?