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  1. Sep 25 2017

    Introducing our new Remunerator Fuel Card!

    Remunerator is always looking to improve our services and find more competitive and efficient solutions to offer our drivers. As a result, we are very excited to introduce our new Remunerator Fuel Card, in partnership with Fleet Card. For existing Motorpass card holders, this change means your current card will be replaced in October and November this year.

  2. May 10 2017

    Federal Budget Update 2017-18

    Key Federal Budget 2017 announcements that will impact Salary and Wage earners will include;

    • First home buyers being able to access their super for a deposit
    • The Medicare levy and
    • Changes to the HELP repayment threshold

    Here are some updates about these key points.

  3. Dec 15 2016

    Christmas & New Year Office Closure



    Remunerator’s operating hours for the months of December and January will be 8am-5.15pm Monday to Friday (AEST) except for the following days & times:

    Monday, December 26th – Closed

    Christmas Day Public Holiday


  4. Dec 15 2016

    Our Communication Channels



    This is how you can contact us!

    We have been working hard to improve our communication channels to make things easier for you. As with any business, over the last 25 years, we have introduced a number of email addresses for our customers to contact us,

  5. Dec 15 2016

    Our Handy New Way to Lodge your Claim


    Mobile Friendly Reimbursement Claims

    • Do you have a box of receipts waiting to be lodged?
    • Do you find it difficult to access a scanner?
    • Are you missing out on being reimbursed your funds

    All it takes is a few clicks and you’re done.

  6. Dec 15 2016

    Salary Packaging Threshold & Meals Entertainment Cards


    Due to a review of Card Payment Regulations by the RBA, the NAB has decided to phase out their Salary Packaging Cards by Friday the 30th of June, 2017.

    Remunerator is working on a new solution that is soon to be released.

  7. Jul 26 2016

    Those post EOFY blues.

    So think you have missed out on the End of Financial Year sales? Never fear! Remunerator is here! Ha, corny.

    We want to prevent you from sinking back into that cyclical depression triggered only by missing out on those mid-year sales. We’re here to assure you that every day is a good day to buy your new car through Remunerator!

  8. Jul 26 2016

    Meet the Team: Zadia Lenders

    Remunerator would like to welcome, Zadia Lenders, to the team. Zadia is now Remunerator’s ‘National Business Development Manager’!

    Zadia has quite the employment history. In fact, in the last couple of years, she has:

    – worked as Business Development Manager for Corporate Traveller,

  9. Jul 26 2016

    Meet the Team: Simon Newton

    Our settlements officer, Simon (featured above- naw, look at that smile), recently received a little gushing from a customer. Considering we’re all about the casual brags here at Remunerator (we have low self-esteem), we’ve decided to publish the compliments across all social media platforms (via this newsletter). Please find below said gushing:

    “I am just wanting to pass on some feedback on my recent dealings with Simon on securing a Novated lease agreement for my new car.

  10. Jun 23 2016

    Let’s Make Hans a Star

    Remunerator would like to congratulate, Hans Vanhoegaerden, on his recent promotion. Vanhoegaerden is now ‘National Sales Manager’ and is responsible for managing Remunerator’s Business Development Executives, Leasing Team, Client Relationships and Client Marketing and Promotions.

    Vanhoegaerden’s previous role was ‘National Business Development Manager’.

    Vanhoegaerden encapsulates his elation for his new role when he says,