Remunerator News

  1. Jun 2 2020

    How Well Do You Know Your Novated Leases Logo?

    Car brands spend millions on designing and developing their logos – and rightly so, a logo is considered one of the most important parts of a companies brand.

    So, how well do you know all the different logos? Test your knowledge here in our “How well do you know your novated leases logo quiz”.

  2. May 22 2020

    How To Store Your Car When You’re Not Driving It

    Are you not going to be driving your car for a while? Maybe you’re going on holiday or away for a while? Maybe it’s a second car you’re saving for the kids when they start driving?

    Either way, if your car is being put away for a while,

  3. May 20 2020

    EOFY Really is The Best Time to Buy a New Car

    The time of car brands bombarding our TV screens is approaching promoting their unmissable deals and prices never to be seen again.

    EOFY isn’t just a
    marketing myth, but really is the best time to buy your new car!

    Incentives are placed
    on customers to buy and move stock rather than dealers –

  4. May 20 2020

    What Dealer Fit Options Are Worth the Investment?

    You’ve just spent your time carefully selecting all your
    options for your novated lease, like paint colour, engine and body style.
    Before you’re handed the keys to your new car, dealers will most likely offer
    you some more ‘special’ options – dealer fit options. These can be added to
    further customise,

  5. May 20 2020

    Why You Need a Dash Cam in Your Novated Lease

    The small gadget is finding its way onto more and more windscreens. Insurance company Allianz has found that around one in five Aussie drivers are recording their daily drives with insurance claims being the main reason behind them doing so. Dash cams have been available to motorists for many years now and have not only proved to be useful in assisting insurance claims,

  6. May 6 2020

    It’s a Great Time to Novate an E-Bike!

    If you’ve been thinking about buying an e-bike, now is the
    time to go ahead and finally get it!

    COVID-19 has changed the way we are travelling, especially
    on our daily commute. Public transport and other modes of ridesharing are
    viewed as too risky. While you shelter at home,

  7. May 6 2020

    The Ultimate ‘First Car Buyer’ Guide

    You’re buying your first car? Congrats! Often referred to as the second most expensive purchase you’ll make in your life… this is a significant moment, and we’re here to help you get it right.

    Here are a few questions you should consider before signing
    on the dotted line.

  8. Apr 24 2020

    Salary Packaging for Not-For-Profit Employers During COVID-19

    As part of Remunerator’s Salary Packaging Program, employees
    are able to salary package meal entertainment expenses up to a maximum capped
    amount of $2,650 per FBT year in addition to the general expense threshold.

    However, with restaurants and public venues currently
    closed, many employees are left wondering how to spend their meal entertainment
    cap during the FBT year ending 31 March 2021.

  9. Apr 17 2020

    Who Gives You The Best Warranty For Your Novated Lease

    Every new car is
    covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a legally enforceable promise
    made by the manufacturer to take responsibility for any faults that occur in a
    motor vehicle during the warrant period.

    It gives every new car
    buyer peace of mind,

  10. Apr 17 2020

    It’s The Perfect Time To Have Your Novated Lease Serviced

    If you’ve been putting
    off taking your car in for its routine service, it’s encouraged to take
    advantage of the quieter workshops during the COVID-19 lockdowns. If it normally
    takes weeks to book your car in for a routine service, you can now make an
    appointment much more easily.