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  1. Jul 26 2016

    Those post EOFY blues.

    eofy pic

    So think you have missed out on the End of Financial Year sales? Never fear! Remunerator is here! Ha, corny.

    We want to prevent you from sinking back into that cyclical depression triggered only by missing out on those mid-year sales. We’re here to assure you that every day is a good day to buy your new car through Remunerator!

  2. Jul 26 2016

    Meet the Team: Renee Genio

    pretty renee

    Instead of writing yet another ‘Meet the Team’ piece, we thought we’d create an explainer vid! The Remunerator team is just that media-savvy!

  3. Jul 26 2016

    Meet the Team: Zadia Lenders

    zadia lenders.logo

    Remunerator would like to welcome, Zadia Lenders, to the team. Zadia is now Remunerator’s ‘National Business Development Manager’!

    Zadia has quite the employment history. In fact, in the last couple of years, she has:

    – worked as Business Development Manager for Corporate Traveller,

  4. Jul 26 2016

    Meet the Team: Simon Newton

    simon pic. logo

    Our settlements officer, Simon (featured above- naw, look at that smile), recently received a little gushing from a customer. Considering we’re all about the casual brags here at Remunerator (we have low self-esteem), we’ve decided to publish the compliments across all social media platforms (via this newsletter). Please find below said gushing:

    “I am just wanting to pass on some feedback on my recent dealings with Simon on securing a Novated lease agreement for my new car.

  5. Jun 23 2016

    Let’s Make Hans a Star

    hans pic

    Remunerator would like to congratulate, Hans Vanhoegaerden, on his recent promotion. Vanhoegaerden is now ‘National Sales Manager’ and is responsible for managing Remunerator’s Business Development Executives, Leasing Team, Client Relationships and Client Marketing and Promotions.

    Vanhoegaerden’s previous role was ‘National Business Development Manager’.

    Vanhoegaerden encapsulates his elation for his new role when he says,

  6. Jun 23 2016

    Time is Running Out to get a Cracking Deal on Your Novated Lease

    eofy time is running out

    End of Financial Year is a prime time for car buyers. Car dealerships often slash prices in an attempt to stand out in what is already an ultra-competitive market. EOFY (End of Financial Year) is traditionally the biggest selling period of the year for car dealerships, so we’ve decided to make the most of our advantageous position and negotiate even further savings for our customers.

  7. Jun 23 2016

    Save More, While You’re on Holiday, With Your Novated Lease

    holiday image


    Save money! No effort required! Holiday! Trigger words! Yeah, I obviously studied Marketing.


    Good news, this isn’t even a gimmick. I just like trigger words. Anyway, yeah, let’s discuss saving money and holidays.


    Novated Lease unavailability is industry terminology describing the process whereby if you do not have use of your vehicle for a period of time,

  8. Jun 23 2016

    Novated Leasing is Here to Stay

    nov ated leasing is here to stay logo

    Election news, election updates! Novated Leasing is here to stay regardless of who wins the election come Saturday, July 2, 2016.

    The Coalition Government has again confirmed their positive stance with regard to Novated Leasing.

    In a letter to the National Automotive Leasing &

  9. May 4 2016

    2016 Federal Budget Snapshot: Superannuation update

    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.24.33 PM

    The main changes to Federal Budget 2016 that will impact Salary and Wage earners are the changes to Superannuation and Personal Taxation rates.

    To keep you updated, please find the below proposals being reviewed:


    • Extending the 30% tax on concessional contribution to those earning over $250,000 ($300,00 previously)
    • Reducing annual cap of concessional superannuation contributions to $ 25,000 ($30,000 previously)
    • Establishing a lifetime non-concessional contribution cap of $500,000
    • Introducing a transfer balance cap of $1.6million on amounts moving into tax-free retirement phase,
  10. Feb 29 2016

    Make your dream holiday possible with a Novated Lease

    Remunerator now has 3 of your biggest dreams covered.

    You’ve chosen us for all your Salary Packaging / Mortgage Repayment requirements, your Novated Leasing needs, but what about that dream holiday you have always wanted?

    With a Remunerator Novated Lease you will save thousands of dollars and still be able to afford that dream holiday!